I bet now is the best time to start market SoundCloud.


SoundCloud is turning out to be not so easy nowadays, however it’s still not so complicated to get quick growth.
Can you get… say 100 000 subscribers on youtube these days? or 200 000? It will takes a LOT of time. It will be HARD.
But you can do that on SoundCloud right now. Within couple months.
And I bet it will be impossible to do after 1-2 years.

Wee need the right methods, right.
What we have right now to do promotion on SoundCloud:

– Follow/unfollow strategy is working!
– Content marketing? Make sense!
– Organic growth is working?
– Share strategies like mutual reposts and other? Make sense as well!


Practically we’d lost only couple blackhat methods like cheating plays, etc. But they were not good in long-term run.
You can take the followers/likes/plays pack. This will help you to do the right start in that run.

So, wish you the really great goals with your content and with your ideas!