Youtube channel is [NOT?] growing

    Let’s stay away from fairy tales about ultra fast grow of your youtube channel.
Think real, get real. How can we get huge/enaugh amount of daily subscribers?


It’s definitely not the best idea to promote your channel anywhere… to anyone…
A lot of youtubers are doing that kind of promotion.

1. Target!

Target the social media communities where your audience is active.
Twitter / Facebook / Pinterest / Instagram / etc.

Target the right Forums and communicate with your audience there.
In case your video content is really useful you’ll get about 20-50 new daily subscribers (for new channels) paying 1 hour of activity on forums.

Target you audience over new sources. Always do that to scale your youtube business.
Think out of the box. Try to promote on Periscope, on Blab, probably Whatsapp or SMS marketing.

A lot of questions here, but if you are doing promotion not standard way you can get extra 100-150 new daily subscribers. Testes!
All that you need ideas and tests of these ideas


2. Why the amount of followers is important?

Cause amount of channel’s followers is about
the channel quality
about important first impression
And it works!

Look at any channel with 100-200 followers, how it looks like? Do you wanna subscribe for this channel? Nope, thanks.

You can have much more daily subscribers if you have a lot of followers on your youtube channel.
We suggest you to check out these services: 1000 youtube likes
That make sense for all new/yong channels or in case you want to boost your growing.


3. Youtube become more competitive these days.

So, you should act smart. Smartly than others… that’s the word.
Care about your content, care about your audience and work on promotion!

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